Intro to Autism with Stephanie Harvey

Monday February 12, 2018
6:00PM to 8:00PM

Learn about autism and social language and help children to thrive!  Explore how and why children communicate, how to set goals and how to help children reach their goals.  Find out how to target social language skills in group settings. Includes tips and tools to help children stay calm and connect with you.  Discover how visual supports such as schedules, instructions, the 5-point scale, and social stories can all make life easier! Stephanie has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 20 years.

$25 per person. Couples pricing is available for parents who want to attend together. Visit the Louis Riel School Division Cont Ed course description to register, or for couples pricing phone 204-237-8130.

This workshop takes place at SpeechWorks.

Here are some of our past presentations:

Dealing With Dementia


Are you concerned about a diagnosis of dementia or are you a caregiver dealing with the reality of dementia on a day to day basis? Strategies for reducing the likelihood of dementia and suggestions on how to slow its progression will be provided for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). For those living with dementia, simple strategies to reduce the sting of dementia will be presented as it affects communication, behavior, and swallowing ability.

Allison Baird has 40 years of experience working with adults with communication impairments and also brings personal experience of caring for her husband with dementia.

Visual Supports for Communication and Learning

Do you know a child who needs help to communicate or learn? Visual supports can help! Stephanie Harvey, a Speech-Language Pathologist with 20+ years’ experience, will teach you how! Come take an in-depth look at visual supports that provide structure and predictability: picture symbols, visual schedules or plans and visual instructions; followed by personal stories (also called social stories) and the 5-point scale. We will examine how to use visual supports to help children learn and communicate, and how to develop these supports quickly and inexpensively.

Games for Communication and Learning

Do you know a child who needs lots of repetition to learn? Games can provide practice and fun at the same time! Have fun while practicing speech sounds, vocabulary, sentence structure, reading, and writing. Come take an in-depth look at commercial games that can be used to learn specific language skills, games that can be adapted for any goal, and games that you can make yourself. Let’s get children participating, talking and learning while having a blast!

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