with Allison Baird

aphasia, group, speech therapy, apraxia, stroke, brain injury, dysarthriaIf you struggle to talk, practice will help you get better. It’s hard to practice, though, when you know what you want to say but can’t get it out. This groupĀ helps people who’ve had a stroke or brain injury to talk and understand, and to feel less lonely.

We’ll help you tell your story! We have tons of fun telling our stories and hearing everyone else’s. Speech-Language Pathologists and volunteers support everyone to give you get lots of practice talking. Even if you have difficulty communicating due to a brain injury (including stroke), you’ll be able to tell your story!

Come have fun with us! We chat, learn and laugh together!

Our participants love this program! Gerry, one of our participants, said “I’m improving all the time. Without this (program) I wouldn’t talk.”

We meet at SpeechWorks Inc. on alternate Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:30 on theseĀ dates.

$25 per session, or pay $200 in advance for 10 sessions!