Meet the Team!

SpeechWorks has a dedicated team of Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Disorders Assistants, and administrative staff. We all care deeply about helping people to speak and understand. Each of the Speech-Language Pathologists specializes in a different area of Speech-Language Pathology – together, we can help almost any client to speak, understand, read or write better!

Allison Baird, Speech-Language Pathologist
President of Speechworks Inc.

Allison Baird, Speech-Language, Speech Therapist, SLP, aphasia, stroke, dysarthria, swallowing, traumatic brain injury, TBI, dementia
Allison Baird, Speech-Language Pathologist

Allison is passionate about helping people who have had strokes or have Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias. In addition to managing SpeechWorks, she provides individual sessions and runs the StoryTelling group. She has worked with adults in hospital and children with severe developmental delays and disorders. Allison has used telehealth to reach remote communities for decades. In addition, she has used software and iPad apps to help her clients to help themselves.

Allison has been a therapist, manager and researcher for almost four decades. She has presented papers and workshops at Provincial, National and International conferences and has instructed at the University of Manitoba. Almost 60 graduate students and young Speech-Language Pathologists plus countless volunteers have learned from her. Living with a partner with Parkinson’s Disease, she recognizes the importance of caring for significant others and family members affected by communication and cognitive disorders. Allison’s compassion and experience make her an outstanding Speech-Language Pathologist.

Allison graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of North Dakota in 1979.

Stephanie Harvey, Speech-Language Pathologist / orthophoniste

Stephanie loves working with children with autism spectrum disorders and related social communication difficulties, adults with aphasia, and clients from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, Stephanie runs the Connect & Communicate group for children with social communication difficulties, including autism.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MA in Communication Disorders in 1994. She had 16 years’ experience working with children in English and French, before joining SpeechWorks Inc. in August 2011. Stephanie writes a blog at and also writes for ADAPTThe Leaf and Medic Alert’s newsletter. Please follow the links to see some of her MedicAlert articles:

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Christine Ryczak, Speech-Language Pathologist

Christine specializes in helping clients with voice disorders, vocal fatigue, and clients undergoing a gender transition. Her special interests also include working with children with voice disorders, fluency disorders, apraxia of speech, speech sound disorders, autism, language delays, and intellectual disabilities.

As a practicum student, she assessed and treated adults with apraxia, dysarthria, and social language disorders, and children with voice and fluency disorders, autism, cerebral palsy, apraxia, speech-sound disorders, and language delay. She also implemented programs such as The Life Participation Approach to Aphasia and Resonant Voice Therapy. She graduated with a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of North Dakota in 2016.

Christine also works for the Winnipeg School Division.

Patricia Woodburn, Speech-Language Pathologist

Patricia is dedicated to helping people with acquired neurogenic communication disorders. She works with adults with Aphasia following a stroke or other brain injury, and assesses and treats dementia and traumatic brain injury.

Patricia lives in Montreal, and sees clients in their homes using telehealth. She integrates clients’ interests into therapy and includes family and caregivers in the treatment process.

Patricia graduated with an M.Sc.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from McGill University in 2013.

Naomi Goerz, Speech-Language Pathologist

Naomi is passionate about treating children with speech and language disorders, helping to address the communication challenges facing children with developmental delays. This includes supporting articulation skills, language development, and social communication. Working within the public education system has provided Naomi with a unique perspective on the communication skills that each child needs to be successful during their school years and throughout their lives. Naomi grew up bilingual in German and English. This provided her with a great appreciation of other cultures and the complexities of communication in multiple languages.

Naomi graduated with a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Alberta in 2014.

Naomi also works for the Louis Riel School Division.

Janique Durand, Communication Health Assistant / aide en santé de la communication

Janique is fluently bilingual in French and English and provides treatment in both languages, both in Winnipeg and in south-eastern Manitoba, where she lives. Communication Disorders Assistants carry out programming established by Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

She also works for Southern Health, where she provides newborn hearing screenings!

Janique graduated as a Communication Disorders Assistant from Georgian College in 2015.

Nicole Stecki, Administrative Assistant

When you phone SpeechWorks, Nicole Stecki is the friendly person who will answer all your questions. She is a Legal Administrative Assistant and enjoys helping people and keeping us organized.