Students and Volunteers

Students:Speech-Language Pathology students

Graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology come to SpeechWorks to gain practical experience with communication disorders and delays. Many of our clients love the chance to work with students. This gives our students the opportunity to learn about a wide range of communication challenges. All students are supervised by expert Speech-Language Pathologists with decades of experience, who meet supervision requirements of US and Canadian organizations. We love helping our students hone their clinical skills! Come learn with us!


Have fun, learn valuable skills, and make a valuable contribution. Help people communicate by volunteering at our little community clinic with the big heart!

Volunteers help in our group programs, support clients who wish to benefit from more practice, help maintain our space and keep us organized. Some of the group programs are:

  • StoryTelling Group, for people with stroke or other brain injuries
  • Stroke Cafe, for people with post-stroke communication disorders
  • Connect & Communicate, for children, teens and young adults with social communication difficulties

Read about our our group programs, and check out the Free Press article about volunteering at SpeechWorks, Helping Those Who Need to Regain Their Voice.