Speech Therapy adult groupSpeechWorks provides individual speech therapy for adults with communication disorders. We can help you speak clearly and fluently, communicate effectively, find your words, and succeed at work!  In addition, voice therapy is offered for voice disorders and vocal fatigue, and for gender transitions.

You may have difficulty communicating due to a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, or dementia. You may have a lifelong challenge such as stuttering. Or your voice may not reflect who you are. We can help!

Therapy can be provided in person, or anywhere in Manitoba using telehealth. Telehealth links our computer to yours, so that you can see and hear us and we can see or hear you. We can even share our computer screen with you so that we can look at the same pictures or materials together.

Our comfortable, home-like setting allows us to provide group therapy for people with communication disorders following a stroke or other brain injury, as well as voice disorders or vocal fatigue.

Storytelling Group

We can help you share your stories – even after a brain injury (including stroke). This fun group provides the support you need to participate. Talk, have fun, and meet others with brain injury.

Stroke Cafe

Share news articles with a small group of other adults who have difficulty speaking, understanding, reading or writing. We can help you find your words!

Dementia Cafe

This program offers communication opportunities and cognitive retraining for people living with dementia. We use social media to support memories and prompt conversations with all those who care for and about the person with dementia.

More information about our group programs for adults, teens and children is available here.

The Brainworks Lab

Come to our hands-on lab, BrainWorks, where computers loaded with communication and software will help you retrain your brain. Brain training software can help with attention, word-finding… even memory! Our professionals and volunteers support people with acquired brain injuries including stroke and those with healthy – but aging – brains to maximize the benefit from computer-based brain training.

Call to ask about our Voice Disorders Group or Vocal Fatigue Group.