Past Presentations

Allison Baird, MA, CCC-sp, Speech-Language Pathologist was invited to present these courses through Louis Riel School Division Continuing Education. Past participants in Allison’s courses say she is “so informative and very open”!

Improving Communication Skills with Adults Needing Special Care

Feel empowered to connect and communicate more effectively with adults in your care who have had a stroke, brain injury, dementia or Parkinson’s Disease. Learn practical skills and develop tools and materials you can use to enhance communication. There will also be an opportunity to interact with people who have communication difficulties to learn what tools will be most beneficial. Allison Baird is the senior speech language pathologist at SpeechWorks Inc.

Life History Make and Take

A life history scrapbook is a great way to reminisce with adults who have difficulties communicating because of a stroke or dementia. Bring your photos and ideas to complete a template and get a life history book started with the person you are caring for. Receive training on how to use the life history book for fun and authentic conversations. We provide the template and training; you provide the photos and memories.


Stephanie Harvey, MA, SLP (C), Speech-Language Pathologist was invited to present the following courses this fall!

Autism Spectrum Disorders Educator Workshop

If you work with a verbal child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, this workshop can help you understand and meet their needs!

Find out about the characteristics of ASD, including common strengths and common challenges. Explore how and why children communicate, how to set goals for language learning, and how to help children reach their goals. Find out how to target social language skills in group settings. Learn specific strategies to help children with ASD stay calm and connect with you. Examine visual supports such as visual schedules, visual instructions, the 5-point scale, and social stories – all tools that can make it easier for you to reach and teach the children you work with.

This workshop will be helpful for educators working with children who struggle with social language skills, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Parent Workshop
November 30 – 6 to 8:30 pm.

If your child need help to make friends, this parent workshop will help you to help your child!

We’ll discuss common challenges such as language and social skills, and examine your child’s strengths. We’ll explore how and why children communicate, how to set goals for language learning, and how to help children reach their goals. We’ll learn tools to help children to stay calm, improve their social language skills, and con- nect with you, including visual supports such as visual schedules and instructions, the 5-point scale, and social stories.

This workshop will be helpful for parents of children with any children who struggle to interact with peers or with adults. They may be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, PDD or ADHD – or have no diagnosis at all.