Let’s Go!

Social language mini groups for teens with Stacey Misko


Stacey loves working with autistic people of all ages, including those whose attention challenges or anxiety affect their ability to communicate. She also enjoys working with individuals with apraxia and phonology. Stacey’s experience includes various populations including brain injury. Stacey has worked in rural and Northern Manitoba, including many years serving First Nations communities through MFNERC. Currently she delivers services via telehealth to Northern Communities involved in a special telehealth project with SpeechWorks Inc. In 1997 Stacey earned her BA in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Manitoba. She went on to complete a year at the University of North Dakota before completing her MSc in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2001. Stacey is actively involved in the autism community. She founded the Friending Facebook group, where individuals with social challenges can support each other. She is actively involved with the Family Advocacy Network.Does your teen find socializing difficult? Does he or she get rejected or bullied? Are friends hard to make and keep?

In this program your teen will learn the art of socializing in a teen world. This group (just 2 participants with a Speech-Language Pathologist) is designed just for them.

We start with a one-on-one session. The Speech-Language Pathologist meets with your teen and gets to know their needs, strengths and interests. We identify target skills and to find your teen a good match to work on those skills together.

The next 4 sessions prepare the teens for an outing. We develop a Social Story together, and also use direct teaching, coaching, role plays, video modelling and lots of practice! We explore why certain social norms exist. We go beyond role plays to explore not only what we expect to happen, but the “what if’s.”

The final session will take place at a location of the teens’ choice in the community! Time to put our new skills to use!

Parents will be given tips on how to reinforce and practice skills with their teens.

We will find times that work for you! Five 1-hour sessions plus a final outing.

$400 (paid up front) for 5 weeks during the summer plus a final outing
(or $220 before session 1 and $200 before session 4).
* The one-on-one session is $120 for new clients. We apply the $120 towards the group fee if you attend the group.

Check your insurance to see if Speech-Language Pathology services are covered.