Get Ready for Kindergarten

Therapy group to get ready for kindergarten with Stacey Misko

Does your child need speech therapy to get ready for kindergarten?  Children need help if they

  • are hard to understand

  • have difficulty following directions
  • struggle to speak in sentences
  • have trouble sorting by category

We can help!

We start with a one-on-one session. The Speech-Language Pathologist meets you and your child to determine goals. Then your child attends 6 group therapy sessions, with lots of fun-filled activities to help them learn. Speech-Language Pathology interns and volunteers provide even more practice for each child. Carryover activities are provided so that the fun and learning continue at home.

6 Mondays: July 9, 16, 23 & 30 and August 13 & 20,
from 1:00 to 2:30

$400 before July 9
or $220 before July 9 and $200 before July 30
* The one-on-one session is $120 for new clients. We apply the $120 towards the group fee if you attend the group.

Check your insurance to see if Speech-Language Pathology services are covered.