Allison Baird,
Speech-Language Pathologist,
President of SpeechWorks Inc.

Allison Baird, Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Therapist, SLP, aphasia, stroke, dysarthria, swallowing, traumatic brain injury, TBI, dementia

Allison Baird, Speech-Language Pathologist

Allison Baird, Speech-Language Pathologist, is passionate about helping people who have had strokes or have Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias. In addition to managing SpeechWorks, she provides individual sessions and runs the StoryTelling group. She has worked with adults in hospital and children with severe developmental delays and disorders. Allison has used telehealth to reach remote communities for decades. In addition, she has used software and iPad apps to help her clients to help themselves.

Allison has been a therapist, manager and researcher for almost four decades. She has presented papers and workshops at Provincial, National and International conferences and has instructed at the University of Manitoba. Almost 60 graduate students and young Speech-Language Pathologists plus countless volunteers have learned from her. Living with a partner with Parkinson’s Disease, she recognizes the importance of caring for significant others and family members affected by communication and cognitive disorders. Allison’s compassion and experience make her an outstanding Speech-Language Pathologist.


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