Welcome to SpeechWorks!

SpeechWorks helps you speak and understand, so you can connect with life!

We help people who struggle to speak and understand because of strokes (aphasia, cognitive-communication disorders, apraxia and dysarthrias), traumatic brain injuries, dementias and autism spectrum disorders.

We provide individual assessment and therapy. We also have therapy groups – Stroke Cafe and StoryTelling help adults who have had a stroke or other brain injury, and Connect & Communicate Groups help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related social communication difficulties.

We train and support caregivers or parents to better meet the needs of their family members with communication disorders, and provide a variety of workshops and training programs.

Click on the links for more specific information about our services for adults, services for children, group programs and how telehealth can meet your needs!

Research has helped develop our expertise. We had a blast presenting preliminary results of our study comparing telehealth to in-person intervention for post-stroke communication disorders at the Canadian Stroke Congress.

Come see us in Winnipeg or LaBroquerie, near Steinbach, Manitoba. We can also come to you! Telehealth allows us to see clients anywhere in Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut.

Services are available in English and French.


Thirty-five years after my stroke, SpeechWorks helped me to be more confident, remember what I am saying, read faster, and be more engaging in conversation.

– Kevin Doyle

I’m improving all the time. Without this (StoryTelling Program) I wouldn’t talk.

– Gerry

We came to SpeechWorks because Claude had a massive stroke and we wanted him to communicate, build his confidence, and feel worthy once again. Our expectations were exceeded and well beyond. SpeechWorks gave Claude back his life!

– Darlene, Claude’s wife

My son has fewer temper tantrums because he can make himself understood now!

– Jay Wilson, parent

My little boy is much more social now. His language is improving, and he’s making more sounds. He’s more aware of his surroundings, too!

– Sahar Kazrooni, client’s mother

Individual therapy * Group therapy * Computer-assisted therapy

Children * Adults * English * Français